Over 40 million women in the US alone suffer from hair loss and thinning due to many different causes. Headed by owner Rhea and co-owner Olivia, our extension specialists address all of our clients’ various needs, concerns and desires.

We offer professional hair extensions from brands such as Great Lengths, Hair Dreams and Tony Odisho, and have a passion for creating beauty and self-esteem in all women, no matter the circumstance. Strongly respected in the industry, master stylist Rhea brings over 20 years of experience to each client she sees. Our staff is not only dedicated to providing quality service, we want to create a personal welcoming experience. We have a passion for building self-esteem in all people suffering from hair loss issues, big and small. Our secret is simply that we love what we do!

“When I started in this industry, I remember being frustrated because I felt I was limited in creating options for women with fine and/or thinning hair. I would tell my clients ‘If I could give you more hair I would!’ After years of research and trials, I truly believe that Great Lengths extension methods are superior to all other products on the market today. It has been very rewarding to be able to give women options in styling, and the hair they have always dreamed of.” – Rhea Bianco

“Because of the physical and emotional impact hair loss can have on a person’s life, the process of finding a qualified service provider can be very overwhelming. With this in mind, it’s important to have a detailed consultation addressing each client’s specific needs. Consultations at Celebration Salon are always private and free of charge. A private consultation gives you’re the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the best options to address your individual needs and lifestyle. This way allows you to make an informed decision to ensure you are truly happy and confident in your choice.”  - Olivia Bianco-Chaidez

The most popular extension services we offer are:

Custom Integrations- A solution for medium to severe hair loss/thinning. The custom made unit pieces integrate with your own hair and allow the scalp to breathe, maintaining the overall integrity of your hair & scalp. It’s a healthy and highly effective choice perfect for transitioning hair or giving natural thinning hair a fuller look

Individual Hair Extensions- An option for hair loss or for clients just looking for added body. Hair extensions instantly give you heavenly fullness and length. A consultation is required to discuss pricing and the various bonding options for your desired look

Wig Fitting- During your complimentary consultation you will be introduced to the many types of wigs that are available today and we will discuss pricing according to the type of wig desire, along with choosing a flattering style

Hair Extensions

With perfect texture, color matching, and cut for extensions and/or sleek integration pieces,

the results are undetectable.

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